First Webblog

11 03 2008

Im a self taught begginer photographer from Western Australia .
I have been really getting into photography for about 4 months now and purchased my first DSLR about 3month ago .

My main love is landscape photography and capture images of
Australias amazing country side .

If any one wishes to view larger images of my work follow the links thank you .

Here are a few old photos I have taken , Im still fairly new to photography so comments and critisim are most welcome .

Sunrise Perth


Perth Rowing Club










4 responses

11 03 2008

GREAT photos.. Thanks for posting them. Good Luck

18 03 2008

kirk your doing real well for some one who is just getting into. I am still relatively new to the game, only been into landscapes for a little under a year!
It looks like a few stitching problems in one shot in particular, but i still get that every now and then! are you keeping the same exposure right across without adjusting setting?
well done

18 03 2008

Hey Dylan ,
Thanks ,

Yeah some of these are eaily stitches I done , still not the best with Photoshop and PTGui might have another go at stitching them when i get a bit better .

Yeah shoting on Manual mode now , I think i shot a few early ones on AV , learnt from that now .

8 12 2008

wow you only started basically in 2008….pretty dramatic curve in your results!!!!!

how often are you going on these photo missions with others photogs? notice you posting fairly often saying that your out with friends…

heading over to WA in Jan 09 (again) & hoping to get to some of the locations you have posted…though it will be hard as I won’t have a car etc & folks lives in Shoalwater (45mins or so from Perth) – so I doubt I’ll be able to get to South Perth etc very early for sunrise shots


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