Yesterday Morning

19 03 2008

I decided to get up early yesterday morning after I missed the amazing sunrise the following afternoon.Head down to the swan river fore shore in Attadale. Was really still morning on the fore shore and managed to snap a few pics off before I realized my camera battery was flat. I had forgot to turn the power on when I put it in to charge the night before.

I still managed to get this shot off.

Even though the water was really carm, it was still quite dark so I was using longer shutter speed. With the longer shutter speed, the boats were slightly blurred from the movement. So I took another shot with slower speed to capture a fairly sharp image of the boats.

In photo shop I opened the first shot I took of the landscape with blurred boats, I then made a new layer with the second shot I took of the boats. I used a light eraser to erase the entire top image except the boats. Which left me with a correct exposure on the landscape and still sharp boats in the image.

I had to dodge the boats a bit in photoshop to bring up the exposure of them, so they weren’t so dark. Also edited curves, levels, sat and contrast. Was quite happy with the end result.




One response

20 03 2008
Dylan Fox

really good POV. I would try darkeneing the sky and see if those clouds get a little more intense.
well done

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