3rd and 4th Image From the Sunset

25 03 2008


This is the 3rd Image I have processed from yesterday .

So far this one is my favourite .

Again I used the layer function in PS to create multiplue layers with different exposures .

I have found this method yeilds a far better quality image with a Hi Dynamic Range then any of the HDR programs (eg. photomatix pro etc) out there .

I only had wished there was a bit more movment in the water to pull the viewer in  instead of it being so washed out .


This is the 4th Image I have processed from Yesterday . Was really happy how the sky turned out . The only things I could have improved was to set my exposure brackets further apart as had to increase the RAW exposure of the ramp as it was a bit to dark which degraded the image slighly.



3 responses

27 03 2008

awesome website mate ! Thumbsup. Your manipulation technique is AWESOME !


28 03 2008

how many exposures did you use for these?

28 03 2008

Hi Dylan ,
The bottom picture was 2 exposures , 1 for the sky and 1 for the pier and water . ,
The top one was 3 exposures , 1 for the sky , 1 for the rocks and 1 to get some movment in the water . Didnt get as much movment as i would have liked .
Cant rember the shutter speed would have to have a look at the image info if you want .

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