Trigg Beach

28 03 2008


This was another shot from the other afternoon down just north of Trigg Beach of Western Australia.

It was almost dark when I took this shot but there was still a bit of light coming throught the sky .  

This was a 2 image stitch with 2 exposures for each shot , One for the sky and one for the land and water . I stitched the images in PTGui .

 I used the Layer Function in Photoshop to blend the different exposures of each shot .

I probally could have made it a bigger stitch but was worried about the fading light as the shutter timings of each shot where quite long .

Also experimenting with boarders .



5 responses

28 03 2008
Beau Mitchell

Nice shot, Kirk… The stitch work and your layer blending are both smooth and so the photo looks very natural. I like it. Cheers for putting my link up on your blog. I’ll return the favour..

28 03 2008

well done. You have got your own style, I think with the HDR’s
So did you just stitch two panos in PTGui and then blend in ps?

28 03 2008

Yep did the stitching in PTgui for the two different expurses then blended them in PS .

29 03 2008

I like the colors here Kirk, blue red green and white gives the image a lot of appeal to me.

3 04 2008

Great shot Kirk, the blues meeting the greens are great. And the sand nice and bright. Good work.

Cheers Tom

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