City Beach Morning

29 03 2008


Decided to get up early to take some photo this morning . Didnt get any thing great but .

The one above is a only 2 stitched one of City Beach just durring the first bits of light coming into the sky .


This one was a 4 stitch job , Took this one as i was leaving still had the marks from the tripod wanted to see how much difference the lighting could make




5 responses

29 03 2008
Dylan Fox

down in my neck of the woods!
I live in city beach

29 03 2008

Cool ,
You wouldnt have very far to get some shots 🙂
I got up at just before 6am to make it there befor sunrise .

30 03 2008

yeah I have a few shots at the groyne but no sunrise shots. I think you did pretty well!

30 03 2008

looking at the shots again, the blues might from the second image might look nice in the first, if you tried blending them.
just a thought.

30 03 2008

Thanks Dylan ,
Might have a look at doing that .
I took some other shots down there as well im still going throught

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