Bennion Bay

4 04 2008


Meet Dylan Fox this afternoon for shoot  , With the great clouds around we headed to Bennion Bay . The weather wasnt great and got a bit of rain while we where there .

This first a shot is a 3 layer exposure . The clouds and limestone looked great together and was really happy i got some movment in the water .


The next shot I edited was the biggest file I have ever worked on . It was a 6 shot 16bitt stitch . I then created 3 seprate layers in photoshop for editing the Sky , water and rock . The layered Tiff file came to 800mb and gave my computer a really good work out . Quite happy with the result and the resolution was great . In photoshop when zoomed in you could still easily read the details on the sign in the far cliff .

The weather should be good for photography for the next few days so will probally try and head out over the weekend again




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5 04 2008

Both shots look great! Wish I could have made it there with you guys. Neal and I might be heading to Cottesloe on Sunday evening. I will let you and Dylan know if we do.

5 04 2008

Thanks Beau ,
Yeah love the limestone with the clouds up at the Bay .
Cool should be okay for Sunday I finish work around 3 .

5 04 2008

Yeah Sunday should be good provided it doesn’t rain. Check my newest pic. Unfortunately the rain came through.

5 04 2008

Rain is starting to clear up now so Sunday evening could be nice at Cottesloe

5 04 2008


That long panno is a ripper. I’m hearing you about the file sizes. One of my new stitches is up to 2 gig from the layers. Ouch. Poor macbook pro.

5 04 2008

Thanks guys ,
Yeah I think i will need some more ram Matt , if i start working with pics over a gig in size .
Sunday should be good if the sky clears up a bit

5 04 2008

Are you flattening images when you finish editing?

5 04 2008

Hey Dylan , Dont know what flattening is ? lol
with the panorama one I had to change the image size then just saved the web based image as a JPG . The other one I just saved the web version as JPG
Took some more shoots this afternoon will probally have them up some time tomorrow .
You going to Cottesole tomorrow evening

5 04 2008

Na I’m busy tomorrow.
I went out tonight back to that boatshed. The shots should be up later tonight.

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