Stormy Perth

7 04 2008

Finaly got a shot of the Perth city at night  Im happy about . This was taken from the South Perth foreshore .
Went photographing Saturday afternoon and this was the last shot I took of the day , as i came to this spot earlier but it was full of a wedding party and photographer . There were that many Wedding photographers about on saturday . 2 of the locations I had on my list to photograph were full of two or more wedding parties .

This file was huge , 8 stitch 16 Bitt panorama with 4 seperate layers coming in at 1.5 gigs . Took me a while to process because of the size .
Will probally have to over clock my machine for the next time and increase the RAM from 4 gigs to 8 gigs . I wanted it as hi res as possible so when i printed it out large size the building and signs are as sharp and clear as possible . Wasnt to sure weather to leave the poeple on the jetty or edit them out ?

The Web JPG version isnt as good as it could be still need practice in converting , resizing and sharpning for the web . On Photoshop this image is really sharp and clear .

Still got a few more photos to go through from Saturday .

Might head down to cotesole this afternoon and get some photos with all the clouds about .