Swan River Boat Club

8 04 2008


Took this photo the otherday while I was waiting for the wedding photographers to leave the other spots .

I cant rember what this location is called but its up by the uni on the Swan River in Western Australia .

Still unsure about this shot , I think the composition could be better and would have been great if there was a boat up closer to draw attention to .Still like the sky so I decided to post it any way . Was a 8image stitch with 2 layers . Still editing the ones from yesterday afternoon will have them posted soon .




6 responses

8 04 2008

To be honest it’s not my favourite of yours. I think the composition could be better. But the shot you went out to get that night of the city is awesome!
Cheers mate

8 04 2008

Yeah Im not keen on it the composition isnt good .
Was just killing time until the wedding photographers went didnt have time to drive anywhere else

8 04 2008

Yeah I knew it wasnt the location you wanted to shoot, but I think the spot has potential.

8 04 2008

Yeah, I have to agree with Dylan. It’s not the strongest of compositions. As you said, a boat closer to you would have improved that.

Put up something from Cottesloe the other night! 🙂

15 04 2008

A valuable tip I was told early in my career, don’t show the client anything but your best work. This is ok because it is your blog and it is mostly for showing your peers and learning from their comments. I love the sky too but watch for it looking too dark, can look a bit unreal. I think if you darkened the water in the foreground it may look more balanced.

15 04 2008

Thanks Chrisitian ,
Yeah I dont think I can improve it any more , photoshop can do lots of stuff but a bad photo is still a bad photo , still Iv learned from it is the only plus

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