Cottesloe Sunset

9 04 2008

Went down to Cottesloe the other evening afterwork to get some shots of the sunset . When I was setting up I noticed I hadent packed my Cokin Filter holder 😦 , Had the filters but no holder , as it was a 30 mins drive to home and would be another 30 mins back I didnt have time to go back and get it . I had my screw polorise filter with me I tried a few shots with that before the sun started setting . In the end I held my Soft ND grad filter in front of the camera for this shot . Its only a 3image stitch of Cottesloe Beach . I do Have a 9 Image stitch of the same shot but havent had time to stitch and edit that one yet with work been so busy . So I decided to post this shot in the mean time .

Was pretty lucky there wasnt much people about that evening , I took out that silly light poll thats normally right in the middle of this shot and levels , sat , curves etc were done .