Cottesloe Sunset

9 04 2008

Went down to Cottesloe the other evening afterwork to get some shots of the sunset . When I was setting up I noticed I hadent packed my Cokin Filter holder 😦 , Had the filters but no holder , as it was a 30 mins drive to home and would be another 30 mins back I didnt have time to go back and get it . I had my screw polorise filter with me I tried a few shots with that before the sun started setting . In the end I held my Soft ND grad filter in front of the camera for this shot . Its only a 3image stitch of Cottesloe Beach . I do Have a 9 Image stitch of the same shot but havent had time to stitch and edit that one yet with work been so busy . So I decided to post this shot in the mean time .

Was pretty lucky there wasnt much people about that evening , I took out that silly light poll thats normally right in the middle of this shot and levels , sat , curves etc were done .





5 responses

9 04 2008

Very nice Kirk, looks like the sunset was a nice one as well.

9 04 2008

Thanks Neal ,Yeah was a pretty good sunset .

9 04 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

Hi, found your blog through Christian Fletchers blog – I like your work and always love Cottesloe Sunsets! I stayed with friends in Peppermint Grove for about a month and a half back in 99 and loved Cott Beach.
This is a very nice shot. For me the white balance feels a bit too cold with the bluish purple clouds but that’s just personal taste of course.

10 04 2008

Were you standing up on the cliffs for this shot? I’ve yet to try that angle myself but this makes me want to give it a go.

10 04 2008

Yeah ,
First time I tried it from up there ,
Saw one of Dylans from this angle and thought i give it a try .
Had to jump the fence , and thought I might get in trouble lol . The only problem with this angle is that big light poll is right in the middle of the shot and have to edit it out .

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