Matilda Bay Boat House

12 04 2008

Probally one of the most photographed boat house in Western Australia  ,this shot of the Boat House in Matilda Day was from a few days ago at sunset (Finally got around to stitching it ). Durring that day I had to wait for 2 groups of Wedding photographers to finish up photographing there .

Was a 6 image stitch , with 3 layes , played around with the red channel mixer a bit to bring a bit more color into the image . I think the image could probally still use a few tweaks .





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12 04 2008

Hi Kirk,

I love this photo. Its almost like two different days split down the middle by the boathouse if that makes sense. Very cool.

Jamie Pateron

12 04 2008

Thanks Jamie m
Yeah I see what you mean now about the two different days 🙂
Im thinking I dont like the yellow part above the horizon on this shot but , might go and tweak the color on it a bit

13 04 2008
Beau Mitchell

That’s nice man! I like it a lot. The colours look great! It was worth the wait.

13 04 2008

Hi Kirk,

I hate to say it but I really like the yellow. I always thought that yellow and blue (boathouse) go well together. Yeah this photo REALLY struck me as two adjoining days meeting up with each other. As always my comments refer to my personal taste. 🙂 I think you’ve got a really winner with this one though.

Jamie Paterson

15 04 2008

I really like it too mate, it has a nice feel to it, probably one of the better shots I have seen of the boat house, way better than mine!!!

15 04 2008

Thanks Guys ,
Yeah this has started to grow on me more each time I look at it
going to get it printed out big and see what it looks like .
Wow a comment from Christian Fletcher on my photo 🙂 lol

15 04 2008

Kirk, when you get your new lenses would you be looking to sell your grad filter and the connector thing, as mine only fits the wide angle. I called a bunch of places and no one had any.

20 04 2008
Dylan Fox

Yeah mate I got the connector ring thing for my other lens, and a ND8 filter and ND4 Grad, along with my old ND8 Grad. Should be getting some more detail in my skies now!
Can’t wait for a good sunset to test them out!

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