Bennion Bay II

20 04 2008

Went back to Bennion Bay early the other morning to try out my new Canon 50mm F/1.4 Lens . The light wasnt the best so I tried some long exposures by Stacking my Cokin P filters ,  I had heard of getting color cast before but had never had it happen . This shot was a 4 image stitch just after the sun had come over the horizon the clouds did have a pinky color , but When I look at the LCD screen after taking the shot the color cast was really noticable in the Sky . 

Havent had time to scope out any new shooting locations as have been busy with work , but have 3 days off coming up so will try to take a drive about to find some new locations . Hopefully there will still be some good lighting and clouds about .

I have also ordered my Nodal Ninja Panorama head , It siad they should be instock by end of April , by the time it arrives here from the states I should have my new tripod as well 🙂