Bennion Bay II

20 04 2008

Went back to Bennion Bay early the other morning to try out my new Canon 50mm F/1.4 Lens . The light wasnt the best so I tried some long exposures by Stacking my Cokin P filters ,  I had heard of getting color cast before but had never had it happen . This shot was a 4 image stitch just after the sun had come over the horizon the clouds did have a pinky color , but When I look at the LCD screen after taking the shot the color cast was really noticable in the Sky . 

Havent had time to scope out any new shooting locations as have been busy with work , but have 3 days off coming up so will try to take a drive about to find some new locations . Hopefully there will still be some good lighting and clouds about .

I have also ordered my Nodal Ninja Panorama head , It siad they should be instock by end of April , by the time it arrives here from the states I should have my new tripod as well 🙂




3 responses

21 04 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

The sky is great and the colours are lovely. But with the middle part so dark it almost feels like two photos.

21 04 2008

This photo absolutely rocks!!! Well done.

22 04 2008

Thanks Guys ,
Yeah did have a bit of trouble with one of the images coming out slightly different exposure for some reason , tried to fix it up but still not great at PS will probally have another go later on

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