Como Jetty

22 04 2008


 Decided to take some more photos at sunset after the gym today , didnt have enough time to scope out any place far but decided to check out Como and the jetty . Was a popluar place today there were 3 other photographers out there shoting the jetty as well as a bunch of walkers and people fishing .
Really like this location as it was close to where we used to stay when we came down to Perth from the farm and me and my brother used to play down near the jetty . Got a bit of Paralex distortion as I dont have a Panorama head yet (until my Nodal Ninja is ordered , waiting for the US site to credit my credit card the money back so I can order it from the Australia site ) and couldnt decied to crop it out or not . In the end I decided to leave the bottom half there as I liked the compostion . Was a 7 Stitch Panorama with 3 layers ,

Loving my Canon F/1.4 50mm lens , the sharpness of its amazing compared to the standard kit lens , the only thing is have to be a bit more distant back 🙂

I also bought a Arctic Butterfly today to give my senor a clean as it has built up a fair bit of dust over the last year . So going to cleaning it later on tonight , hopefully its not that complicated .




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22 04 2008

Gad your putting that 50 mm to good use Kirk, nice blue skies in this pic. Shame about the distortion, but as you said this should not be a problem once the new head arrives.

23 04 2008

Thanks neil ,
Yeah its great to use , Just sent jim an email this morning to order mine . Have to get a new tripod now 🙂

23 04 2008
Dylan Fox

Is the jetty on the west side of the freeway?
If so I have been wanting to shoot here for ages!
Nice shot I like the colours in the jetty especially.

23 04 2008

Yeah its just over the big bridge over the FWY in Como .
Pretty popular location , had been wanting to shoot it for a while pretty happy with the result .

23 04 2008

I like the distortion, makes it a bit different from the everyday! Good one. Watch the blown out highlights though. Cheers

23 04 2008

Thanks Christian yeah its a bit blowen out in the middle tryed to burn it down a bit ,Ill have to check the LCD histogram a bit more carfully next time shoting 🙂

5 05 2008

Interesting composition Kirk, I like it. Well done.

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