South Perth

22 04 2008


Havent Been out photographing much for the last few days as been busy at work and missed some really great weather and lighting .
Was just going throught some old shots tonight and found this one I never got a round to stitching up . It is a 4 stitch panorama of the South Perth Fore Shore at Sunset , took this one last year in June . Well have 3 days off work now so hopefully will get out some more to shoot . Have to take a drive about to find some good locations might try and find some paddocks and fields just out of Perth .

In other news will finally be able to make it to one of Christians Courses , Have rostered my self off work for the 9th , 10th and 11th of May and booked accommodation . Planning to head down there either thursday afternoon or Friday morning . Planning to take some photos as well while im down there . Just have to scout out the location of the place I want to shoot and put them in my GPS so I dont get lost 🙂

I have also sold some of my work 🙂 I was showing one of my fellow co workers some of my photography the other day as he was purchasing his first DSLR and I was advising him of the type of camera I had and others on the market . The next day I came in to work and he had showen my photos to just about every on in the office and they where really impressed . Had a couple coworkers wanting to buy my and Matilda Bay Boat House and My Stormy Perth shot as prints . So going to head down to the printer tomorrow and get them printed up . To my suprise that afternoon I was called into the marketing managers office and they had just seen my photos as well and where intrested in purchasing some or hiring me to take photos of locations to use with advertising 🙂 They even mentioned I might be able to travel about on our net work to take shots of various locations we fly too . Just curious as this is my first real sales , how much to people out there normally markup there prints ? And what price to people put on the shots for use as stock images for advertising ?



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22 04 2008
Dylan Fox

I actually went to this spot a couple of weeks back but the water was to choppy!
I have been told by Gallery owners who display my work not to put the price to low as people will think that must be crap work, but you obviously have to be careful how high you go!
I would just check websites and see how people have priced theirs.

22 04 2008

Hi Kirk,

Well done!!! I would be careful about copyright. Its my belief that if you take photos for your company whilst employed by them the copyright is theirs unless of course you negotiate for copyright. Anyway I’m not 100% on these things but its probably something to check up on. Again congratulations.

Jamie Paterson

22 04 2008

Thanks Dylan ,
Yeah this photo was from Last year , was pretty carm on the day was an amazing sunset .

22 04 2008

Thanks Jamie ,
Yeah will look into that not 100% sure on all the legal side got a few lawyer friends Ill ask , but I dont think they will keep the copy right as I will be taking photos in my own time and on my contract with them it has nothing about photography in it .

10 12 2011

Hi Kirk,

Is your work for sale?? I would really like to purchase the above South Perth photo?

10 07 2012
Colleen V Manners

Hi Kirk
Thankyou for your beautiful images portrayed on your website. I am an elderly hobbyist artist and your pictures of nature, sunsets, ocean, etc. really INSPIRE ME to paint. Sometimes I put my paintings into exhibitions. Would it be a problem of copyright if I painted in my own style the INSPIRATION from your very beautiful photographs? Or do I just acknowledge the SOURCE of my INSPIRATION to go with info on my painting/s?
Colleen V Manners

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