Stormy Weather

27 04 2008



 Perth has had a lot of great cloud cover over the last few days to get somereally moody sky shots . Havent had a chance to scope out any new locations to photography and have been fairly busy with work so I have been a bit limited on the locations I can travel to as have limited time with the sunseting  befor 6pm now .

The first image was taken a few days ago in the afternoon it is the Perth City from the South Perth foreshore with the freeway in it as well . Really liked the clouds in this one . This was a 6 image stitch . I have also got a night shot of this image as well from a couple of days before , when I have finished working on it will upload .

The second one every body should know as Burswood , Finished at work and the gym late and didnt have enough time to drive to any place to photograph . There was a great overcast sky and been wanting to experiment a bit more with grey dark sky so stopped by Burswood just before going home . Not the most exciting place to photograph , This image was a 10 image stitch and was happy with the result and will probally keep it to build up a stock portfollio of images for stock use later . When zoomed in on the Tiff file you could see poeple in the windows in the bed rooms lol And no didnt see any naked people in the rooms .

Also for any one whos intrested reading the West Australian yesterday and they are running a compotion Scenes from Our Spectacular State . here the link if any one is intersted first prize is a Canon 40D .





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27 04 2008

Both very nice images Kirk, the city one is very cool HDR? Did you use the 50 mm lens?

27 04 2008

I like the Burswood shot! They might like to use it!
I think maybe in the perth photo some of the colours in the buildings are a little strong… love the clouds!

27 04 2008

Thanks guys ,
Thanks Neil yep been using the 50mm lens
Yeah think might have made the building colours a bit strong .
Nar not HDR just a single exposure and played around with levels and curves about for different parts with the layer function in photoshop

27 04 2008

Thanks Dylan , yeah had a mate say the same thing to see if they were interested in buying it lol 🙂 $$$

28 04 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

I especially like the first one ‘cos of the dramatic sky and great skyline of Perth – I think it would look super in glorious black and white!

28 04 2008

I like that shot of Burswood a lot. IT makes me want to try shooting it myself…

Heh, the casino’s my favourite place in Perth at the moment after having a couple of good wins 😛

29 04 2008

Hi Kirk,

I love both these photos. Well done!!! 🙂

Jamie Paterson

29 04 2008

Thanks Flemming ,
Yeah loved the sky in it as well , never really done black and white before might give it a try when i get a chance .

29 04 2008

Thanks Beau and Jamie ,
Never really been a gambler only spend around $50 if i do go about 1 or 2 times a year lol . Glad someone is taking there money Beau 🙂

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