Busselton Jetty III

27 05 2008


Got my computer with CS3 working again , so been editing a few pictures .This was another shot I took while down South a few weeks ago of the Busselton Jetty .

This was taken toward the end of the sunset with a longer shutter speed . The sky is also a little less blowen out plus I didnt make the jetty buildings pop as much as Christian Fletcher recommend compared to the last shot .

It was originall at 14 image stitch , with the building to the left of the jetty included as I really liked the sky and it also included the end of the jetty , but I cropped it down a lot and probally only using 7 shots in this .

Im off to Melbourne this Friday for a few days , wont get a chance to go out of the city but while Im there as will have no car . But hopeing to get a few good shots of the city at sunset and sunrise .


Perth Narrows

24 05 2008

Been having a bit of trouble with my computer that is running CS3 at the moment so havent really been editing much . Will probally have to reformat it at some stage . I did howver find this shot on my computer of the Perth Causeway which I took a couple months back on the way home one day .From Memory it was a 7 image stitch .

Busselton Jetty II

19 05 2008


Just a Quick post , this was a quick edit of one of the shots I took of Busselton Jetty , There was some really good light at sunset , but just as it was starting to get really good the clouds had moved away from the jetty . Was a 10 Image stitch , was croped down a fair bit to suit the composition .


14 05 2008


One of the stops on my list to get a shot of while in Dunsbrough was Sugarloaf . Its a pretty impressive rock formation , just the size of its amazing . Got there fairly early so as wasnt to sure on the directions there but my tomtom was spot on , so waited for about 30mins for it to get a bit lighter so I could see . Took some shots from up top first in really low light then decieded to climb down to the bottom to try some shots from there as well . Just as got there a bit of a rainbow appeared to the right of the rock and so I took this 10 shot stitch .

Used some of the tips from Christian Fletcher taugh us on his course plus some technics i have learnt of Photoshop TV , Also applied a Vignette layer over it something I had never done befor to my shots . 


13 05 2008

   Still editing a lot of my pics from the weekend , got so many still just to stitch let alone edit .

On the way down to Dunsbrough I had to stop off at the Busselton Jetty to get a shot of it at Sunset as I have allways wanted to . Didnt relise until I got there (as hadnt been there since I was little) how much old pieces of jetties there were . The lighting was also great and had some nice cloud cover .

I edited this one while I was in Dunsbrough on my laptop it was a 6 image stitch .

Weekend Down South & Christian Fletchers Photography Course

11 05 2008


Well just got back from Down Dunsbrough and it was a great weekend away . Down South is just an amazing place for photographing there are so many different locations to shoot from sandy white beachs to amazing costal rock formations to green vineyards and rolling hills . I only had the weekend down there so tried to squeze as much in as possible , I think I did a pretty good job and the lighting and weather was fairly good while I was down there . However I think Im exshuasted from it all as I was non stop for the whole time I finished work at 1200 (started at 4am) on Friday , plus on Friday night I didnt get much sleep as the hotel I was stay at there was a domestic with a english couple and it went on for about 2 hours , I think the manager ended up having the police come down . Will have to orginise another trip down South soon agaim as there is so much more I wanted to shoot . Be good if we got a group togther and could have a few drinks after the shoots .

The reason I went down to Dunsbrough was for Christians Fletcher photography course . Had a great time and it picked up a lot to improve my workflow . Cant wait to start to put it to use , I would strongly recommend any one who hasnt gone to check out his next course there are well worth it .
This shot I took on Saturday morning at sunrise at Sugarloaf , as I was shooting Sugarloaf rock , I turned around to look behind me and noticed the amazing clouds and sun just comming .
This was a 10 image stitch . Have got a lot more to edit and will post as i have finished them may .