Weekend Down South & Christian Fletchers Photography Course

11 05 2008


Well just got back from Down Dunsbrough and it was a great weekend away . Down South is just an amazing place for photographing there are so many different locations to shoot from sandy white beachs to amazing costal rock formations to green vineyards and rolling hills . I only had the weekend down there so tried to squeze as much in as possible , I think I did a pretty good job and the lighting and weather was fairly good while I was down there . However I think Im exshuasted from it all as I was non stop for the whole time I finished work at 1200 (started at 4am) on Friday , plus on Friday night I didnt get much sleep as the hotel I was stay at there was a domestic with a english couple and it went on for about 2 hours , I think the manager ended up having the police come down . Will have to orginise another trip down South soon agaim as there is so much more I wanted to shoot . Be good if we got a group togther and could have a few drinks after the shoots .

The reason I went down to Dunsbrough was for Christians Fletcher photography course . Had a great time and it picked up a lot to improve my workflow . Cant wait to start to put it to use , I would strongly recommend any one who hasnt gone to check out his next course there are well worth it .
This shot I took on Saturday morning at sunrise at Sugarloaf , as I was shooting Sugarloaf rock , I turned around to look behind me and noticed the amazing clouds and sun just comming .
This was a 10 image stitch . Have got a lot more to edit and will post as i have finished them may .





11 responses

11 05 2008
Beau Mitchell

Great capture, mate. Lovely light! I am keen to go back down south sometime soon to get some pics…

11 05 2008

yeah mate i would love to get back down south!
i like this shot, but i think the clif in the background is a bright or something…. it just looks a little funny to me… otherwise it’s a great shot!


12 05 2008

Very nice shot and POV Kirk, I’m all for a trip for a few days down south. Maybe Beau/Jamie/Dylan/yourself and myself can make some plans. I am good to go between the 14th June and say the 14th July and anytime from August onwards.

RIght now I am getting a little carried away with what lies before me to shoot. Will be posting images soon, just have had no time to process its just shoot, shoot, shoot and then shoot some more 🙂

12 05 2008
Coralie Plozza

It was great to meet you at the seminar with christian. Had a great time. Your image is fantastic and I love the clouds …glad you didnt blur them out and the colour is fantastic. Keep up the great work… and if you all come down south give me a call and I will tag along to .. I live in Busselton.

12 05 2008

I know what you mean Neal! I can’t wait to start processing my images.
I have edited some single shots that are part of what will be a stitched image and I am very pleased with the way they are looking!

I will be free early up till early July…


12 05 2008

nice view Kirk, I haven’t seen this view before so it was refreshing. Nice to meet you on Saturday, good to put a face to a name. cheers

12 05 2008

Hi Kirk,

As Neal said I’m up for a trip in June. I’m off for a trip into the desert in 8 days time for 13 days but I’m keen to line something when Neal comes back. I espeically like the few drinks afterwards bit!!!

Jamie Paterson

13 05 2008

Thanks all ,
Yeah a trip down south would be the go going to Melbourne for a few days at the start of June so any time after that would be cool . Mabye a share house will be the way to go as it wont be peak season and the cost wont be that expensive between all of use you can get one that have 6 rooms or more , me and my mates have gone through private property before and got some great huge houses that didnt cost much .

13 05 2008

Great looking rocks and cloud Kirk… what focal length did you shoot this one at?

13 05 2008

Hi Matt ,
This was shot at 50mm i think the ap was set to F/16 ,
The lens was canon F/1.4 50mm .

13 05 2008

Thanks Coralia ,
Nice to meet you as well
Yeah i loved the clouds in this shot .

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