14 05 2008


One of the stops on my list to get a shot of while in Dunsbrough was Sugarloaf . Its a pretty impressive rock formation , just the size of its amazing . Got there fairly early so as wasnt to sure on the directions there but my tomtom was spot on , so waited for about 30mins for it to get a bit lighter so I could see . Took some shots from up top first in really low light then decieded to climb down to the bottom to try some shots from there as well . Just as got there a bit of a rainbow appeared to the right of the rock and so I took this 10 shot stitch .

Used some of the tips from Christian Fletcher taugh us on his course plus some technics i have learnt of Photoshop TV , Also applied a Vignette layer over it something I had never done befor to my shots . 




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14 05 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

I never knew of this fantastic rock till I first saw the shots from Peter Eastway and Christian Fletcher. It looks incredible!! You certainly also created a very good shot of it, the light is good, the sky is very nice with good drama. Colours are great and detail is nice – I like this!

About one third from the left there’s something that draws my eye. Don’t know if it’s a stitch line or something else in the clouds. Also that bit of rainbow is probably cool at large size, at this size I would have thought weird lens flare if you hadn’t told us it’s a rainbow 🙂

The vignette effect is good, I actually reckon this composition could take a bit more vignetting, maybe worth trying?

15 05 2008
Dylan Fox

Yeah I like the pov but I think a little more vignetting will help.
Good Stuff

15 05 2008

Stunning Kirk one of the best I have sen of that spot.

15 05 2008
Beau Mitchell

Nice work, man. Agree with spool, One of the best i’ve seen. Love the bit of rainbow.

15 05 2008

Thanks guys ,
Working on another shot of Sugar loaf at the moment will try a heavier vignetting on it .
I see what you ment Flemming have fixed up the master copy a bit of the clouds were darker for some reason .

15 05 2008

stunning shot mate, to me the section on the left looks to be in a different white balance. Did you select a WB or did you have it on AWB?

15 05 2008

Thanks Christian ,
Nar allways shot on cloudy or shady
I noticed it as well and tryed some color adjustments but couldnt get it to look right so gave up editing the color just left it .
Theres a darker stitch line I fixed up in the clouds on the master file

17 05 2008

ok, still a stunning shot mate.

19 05 2008

Great shot. It’s amazing how many different looks can be had from one location. So many people have shots from there are each has it’s own look.


19 05 2008

Peter Eastway got some international recognition for his latest shot here.

19 05 2008

Thanks Mark ,
Yeah I love the location there so many different takes on it .
Yeah Peter Eastway has a great edit on it , I dont normally like people in landscape shots but works with his to show the size of the rock

22 05 2008

Beautiful light you got there Kirk. That rainbow is great. Well shot.

22 05 2008

Thanks Matt

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