Busselton Jetty II

19 05 2008


Just a Quick post , this was a quick edit of one of the shots I took of Busselton Jetty , There was some really good light at sunset , but just as it was starting to get really good the clouds had moved away from the jetty . Was a 10 Image stitch , was croped down a fair bit to suit the composition .




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19 05 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

The light is brilliant and those clouds just above the boat could not be more perfect. However there’s just too big an area of burned out clouds for my taste, it totally draws my eye all the time.

19 05 2008
Coralie Plozza

a beautiful image …went down to the jetty yesterday and took a heap of shots hopefully one turns out well… still havent got the full photoshop program yet so will probably have to wait till friday at tafe to play with them.. this image has some great colour and it still baffles me how all the effects are acheived ..great work

20 05 2008
Dylan Fox

Yeah I would have to agree with Flemming. My eyes went straight to the blown out area.
It’s much better than my shot from down there!
Good stuff!
I really want to get back down there soon!


20 05 2008

I love the colour in this image and the mood, very gothic. I agree about the blown out area but it is sometimes hard to avoid in these shots. What bothers me more is the huts look like they pop too much. I think they need to be a little darker as they stand out too much. Just my observation if it helps. Overall a bloody fab image mate.

20 05 2008

Thanks guys ,
Yeah was a bit hard to not get the blowen out part as there was such a huge difference in exposures from each part . Got some more shots of the jetty will edit soon but liked the colors in this one .
Thanks Christian
Probally over did the popping of the huts lol get a bit carred away some times will edit the master image and bring them down a bit

22 05 2008

Great shot of a beautiful location. I shot a few down there a month ago but didn’t try any stitched images – will have too next time!


22 05 2008

Thanks Mark ,
Yeah Love it Down south so much to shoot .
Yeah the Busselton jetty is great for stitch shots

22 05 2008

Quick question Kirk – do you have a specific panoramic head for your stitches?? Mark

22 05 2008

I have only recently got a Panorama Head
Nodal Ninja 3 MKII http://nodalninja.com.au/products/
but a lot of my shots were taken with out it as only just started using it

22 05 2008

Cheers. I had looked at those. Was their service pretty good? How is it to use? Mark

23 05 2008

Yeah the service was great arrived in a week , he emailed me when they had processed my card and sent the package

27 05 2008

Nice shot kirk. Busselton Jetty looks great, great composition. I’ve seen a few Kenny Duncans with blown highlights.

I don’t mind the blown out bit, but the building roofs are blue.

27 05 2008

Thanks James ,
Yeah had the white balance on Cloudy , forgot to edit it before I posted it , all fixed on the master file .

18 11 2009
Nicola Wilkie

A great shot. Can I buy this print? My dad was just over from England and regretted not buying a print of Busselton Jetty whilst we were there visiting, and I’d love to be able to send him one for Christmas.

19 11 2009

Thanks nicola ,
Will send you an email shortly

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