Busselton Jetty III

27 05 2008


Got my computer with CS3 working again , so been editing a few pictures .This was another shot I took while down South a few weeks ago of the Busselton Jetty .

This was taken toward the end of the sunset with a longer shutter speed . The sky is also a little less blowen out plus I didnt make the jetty buildings pop as much as Christian Fletcher recommend compared to the last shot .

It was originall at 14 image stitch , with the building to the left of the jetty included as I really liked the sky and it also included the end of the jetty , but I cropped it down a lot and probally only using 7 shots in this .

Im off to Melbourne this Friday for a few days , wont get a chance to go out of the city but while Im there as will have no car . But hopeing to get a few good shots of the city at sunset and sunrise .




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27 05 2008
Dylan Fox

Nice shot mate.
Reminds me a lot of your Crawley Edge shot.
Though I still prefer the previous Busselton Jetty photo.
Can’t wait to see some Melbourne photos. I always plan to hit the city while i’m there but it never happens… to lazy i guess!

27 05 2008

Thanks mate
Not to sure if the buildings are too dark or not ?
Yeah Havent been to melbourne before so Have to sus out a good spot for city shots .

28 05 2008
Dylan Fox

Check out Mark Gray’s website and Ken Duncan’s, you will be able to find some good places to go from there.

28 05 2008

Nice shot. Great colours. Mark

5 06 2008

hey Kirk,met you down south at Christian’s course and have been checking out your blog.It’s really cool!!I have just started one you should drop bye some time to say hi http://mel30.wordpress.com
Would love some advice on my landscape stuff as i am new to all this.See ya mel

5 06 2008

Thanks Mell ,
Havent posted anything for a little while been so busy and havent really taken any shots , hopefully soon mabye this weekend ,
Ill check your site out shortly ,just got my net working

7 06 2008

nice shot mate,http://clintbakerphotos.wordpress.com/ thats my site too, if u get a chance to check it out

11 06 2008

Nice shot Kirk… I went to Melbourne for a wedding this year and was in the same boat. Hire a car and go shooting you wont regret it. Melbourne is backed with locations.

11 06 2008

Thanks Matt ,
Yeah got back from Melbourne last week ,
Didnt get any shots but , was only there for 3 days and didnt really know my way around plus had a pretty busy schedulde and didnt hire a car , went out one morning to get some shots of interesting old buildings but the place was covered in Fog 😦

30 07 2008

Superb shot!
very simple and works so well
love it!

30 08 2009

Beautiful shot – would you allow someone to use it (properly credited, of course) on their webpage?

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