Old Swan Brewery Edit II

12 06 2008

Went and redited another shot form about a year ago tonight . This one was of the Old Swan Brewery at Sunrise . This shot was taken shortly after the previous shot of the Perth Rowing Club . Its amazing how much the light and colors change within a 20 minutes . It was a 5 image stitch , . Been meaning to go the Swan Brwery one sunset and get some more shots of it .

I also have a shot from the same morning I took from Kings park of the sunrise I still want to redit . Hopefully might get it done sometime this weekend and post it . 🙂




5 responses

13 06 2008

Really nice shot.On my monitor it looks a little blown out in the center bright area for me.Really nice image.

13 06 2008
Dylan Fox

I think the blues have been over done. It even looks like some o the buildings have turned a little blue.

13 06 2008

Thanks mate , yeah I was thinking have gone a bit far with the blues , and editing the water .
The buildings I didnt edit the colors on but just bosted the curves and levels and sharpness .
will upload it again with out as much editing to the water and see how it looks

13 06 2008
Dylan Fox

Sorry mate but it is all constructive I hope!

13 06 2008

Thanks appreciate it 🙂

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