East Perth

14 06 2008

Got up at 6am this morning to meet Neal (http://spoolphotography.wordpress.com/) and Jamie (http://jamiepatersonphotography.wordpress.com/) at East Perth to get some shots . Was a really cold morning for Perth , but we managed to brave the cold weather to get a few shots off , after whcih head down to get a coffee to warm up .

 I hadnt got a decent shot of East Perth yet so was looking foward to seening what I could come up with . The sky was a little bit less dramatic then I had hoped but still happy with the shots I got as went for the peacefully looking east Perth . Might try and get some more of East Perth mabye at Sunset when there is some more cloud cover . Was dissapiotend that I missed the sunset today to shot .

I also have another shot from this morning of East Perth which Ill upload later when I have edited it .

This was a ten shot stitch . Was a bit boarder at home tonight so was also playing around with boarders . Still got a friend helping me to come up with logos and help build a web page .




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14 06 2008

great shot mate, i was goin to come weet u guys because i finished work at 6am, but it was too cold and i was a bit tired, but love this shot mate so calm. well done

14 06 2008

weet….??? i mean meet, sorry its 4am

15 06 2008

Really nice well done shot.I like the out look.

15 06 2008

Very nice Kirk. Have not had a chance to go over the mornings shoot as yet, bulk refuse collection had me gardening all day. I agree as this was only m second trip to east perth I think I will look for either a evening or morning shoot with more dramatic skies sometime soon.

15 06 2008

Great shot Kirk. Well processed. I’ve also been meaning to shoot the same spot. I think I might have to start shooting a few more “postcard” type shots, the typical Perth scapes that everyone else loves.

15 06 2008

Hi Kirk,

I like this one better than the second photo. Love the blue in the sky and water. It was great to catch up again even though it was freezing cold!!! I’ll put my photo up tomorrow night, but its similar to yours. I actually want to go back and focus on that massive tree at the beginning of the canal.

Jamie Paterson

15 06 2008

Thanks Jamie ,
Yeah I think I prefer this one as well . Would have been good if the lights stayed on longer .
Good to catch up with you again as well .
Yeah I want to go back and shot it with more dramatic sky next time

15 06 2008

Gret work Kirk,
Awesome colour, and nice wide landscape works well.
I am having trouble with getting dramtic skies here too atm.

16 06 2008

Hi Thomas,

Not much we can do about the dramatic skies, its all up to the weather lol. I was out shooting tonight hoping to get something but though the clouds were awesome there was no colour in them.

Jamie Paterson

17 06 2008

Hi Kirk
I love the blues in this. And the water looks unreal!
Hope the weather cooperates and you get some nice clouds for this soon.

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