Western Australian Maritime Museum

28 06 2008

Went down to Fremantle this morning to photograph the Western Australian Maritime Museum . When I got there , there was no wind or rain . I set up and got this 6 image stitch off and then relisased that i had the iso on 200 , so reset to 100 and started another row of shots when the wind picked up out of no where and started blowing a gale blew the tripod over on the last shot (cant wait till i get my new tripod) . and then the rain started as well . Went back and sat undercover for about 20 mins till it stoped and then it was a clear blue sky after . Still pretty happy with this shot had to run it through noise ninja to get rid of some noise .

Got a few other shots from that morning which Ill go through later on .

Been wanting to get some shots of some crops , windmills and hilly paddocks , to get some farmy country looking shots to add to my portfolio , so will probally look at taking a day trip some where not to far out of perth in the next couple of weeks if any one is interested .




9 responses

28 06 2008
Tom Parkes

Very nice shot Kirk,
Awesome lighting and the storm in the brewing in the back is great, looks like a great destination to photograph.

Well Done

29 06 2008
Luke Austin

Nice work Kirk. I really like the sky. Bummer about getting pissed on and your tripod being blown over. I am definitely keen for a day trip somewhere. Been meaning to get out of Perth for the weekend just been busy though.

29 06 2008

Man I have been wanting to go on a road trip out of Perth. Hope you guys find somewhere good to go!
Nice shot by the way.

29 06 2008

Very nice treatment in this image Kirk nice tight POV as well.

1 07 2008

great shot mate, day trip out to collie would be cool, there is some good hills thru the paddocks was there a couple of months ago….

3 07 2008

Perfect exposure and lots of mood. I like this shot. Maybe a little over sharpened?

5 07 2008

Hey Kirk,

Check out your photo on my blog. 🙂

Jamie Paterson

8 07 2008

I like this.
Probably the only one of our “modern” buildings that i like the design of. Won’t get started on Bell Tower etc….

3 08 2008


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