Nodal Falls

13 07 2008

Well this weekend has been a busy weekend for shooting . Been out both monrings with Jamie and Neal . On Saturday morning we made the desicion to head up to Nodal Falls at 0600 , Had to set my alarm for 5am so I would make it all the way up there in time , almost hit the snooze button but glad i didnt .

When I got there it was pitch black and a fog was hanging over the falls , had to stumble through the bushs in the dark to find Jamie and Neal . Luckly the fog lifted and we got a bit of color in the sky . In the end was quite a productive morning . After the shoot we head down the road to grad a bit to eat and some coffee .

This shot was a six image stitch , still not to sure about this one  . Got a lot still to stitch together so hopefully will has some more posted durring the week .




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13 07 2008

nice shot mate, i went up there today just to see the place not a bad spot.

13 07 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

It’s almost like two images isn’t it, one side very dark and one side well lit. Perhaps it would work better if the right hand side is lighter?

13 07 2008
Dylan Fox

how have i never been here!!!!
I have been shooting a lot more portrait work lately. Can’t wait to get some more landscape work in

14 07 2008

Very nice POV Kirk adding the gum tree gives it a very australian bush feel I like it. I do though think its a little high on the contrast side of things for my tastes, then again I am a fan of Elizabeth Carmel’s work so thats where my tastes come from.

14 07 2008

Thanks mate , yeah bit contrasty was thinking as well was working from my laptop and not the best to work from with the monitor it has .
The left side was a fair bit darker then the right , did my best to try and fix it but still dosent look quite right ,

14 07 2008

kirk shoot us an email at spool1968 ( at ) yahoo dot com

14 07 2008

Very nice, mate. Love that red reflecting on the water in the foreground! Looks like quite a nice little place to shoot. I might have to get out there one day soon.

14 07 2008
merv french

Hey the name a play on words because you’re using a Nodal Ninga?

14 07 2008

Hi Kirke,

As a fellow Perthite and photographer looking for places to shoot, did you go to Noble Falls (near Gidgegannup), or Nodal falls??


14 07 2008
Stephen Williams

Nice composition Kirk
Really like the light reflection near the falls.
It’s Noble falls though isn’t it?? Up towards Toodjay.

14 07 2008

Nice shot Kirk. Love the water and the reflection. Looks inviting. I’m sure it’d be a bit to chilly at the moment though. You’d come out of the water hung like a cashew.

14 07 2008

Nice one Kirk,
Great work with the water too.

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