Noble Not Nodal

14 07 2008

After yesterdays post I reliased that this place was actual called Noble not Nodal Falls lol . Must have had Nodal Ninjas on my mind last night . This was a six image stitch of the river still got a heap of shots to go through from the weekend .






7 responses

14 07 2008

great shot mate, the water looks wicked well done

14 07 2008

Really good shot man
I can’t to shoot this spot! It will probably be the first thing I shoot when I get home.

14 07 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

Water has a great oily structure!
Nodal Falls would be cool though, could really market the place for photographers!

14 07 2008

I like the composition much more on this capture. The tree truck to the right, the rocks to the left and old man river running fast in the background with a little bit of fog to boot, superb. I find it amazing while al 3 of us where at the same place we came away with very different interpretations of the area.

15 07 2008
Stephen Williams

Nice composition Kirk.
I like the little tuft of grass then the eye leads up the creek nicely.

15 07 2008

Really nice Kirk, I have to go there….I love it!!

17 07 2008

lol, no wonder I could not find Nodal Falls 🙂
very nice shot.
I think my next trip will be to there, its been raining quite a bit these last couple of days, maybe I’ll go this weekend.

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