Noble Falls II

15 07 2008

Just had to post another shot from Noble Falls on  Saturday morning with Neal and Jamie 

Was a another six image stitch , Still got a lot more to edit from the weekend .

Other news going to head down to RPA this weekend and pick up a new tripod :)Been looking any suggestion or adivice on tripods and heads ?

The weather looks like it will be pretty good for shooting this weekend . Whats everyones plans on where to go this weekend ?




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15 07 2008

Spot on POV Kirk, wonderful colors those rocks look amazing and the orange glow off the water is very cool.

Thats the same tripod I’d like to get as well. With the head I use the ball head 488RC4 as it is so simple to use. I do not know how it will match up with this tripod though for balance and weigh issues, I guess the best folks to ask would be PRA themselves on that one.

15 07 2008
Stephen Williams

Love the right hand side of this especially.
But still very nice as a whole.
Really enjoying seeing the stuff you guys got up there.
Not managed to get up there due to a fair hike for me to get there. And had no idea of what was there. looks very nice though.

15 07 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

So where’s the shot of one of you falling into the drink and being washed away by ‘Nodal’ Falls? 😀

Get a mag fibre tripod like the one you’re looking at, they’re light but very strong and stable. The Manfrotto seems a bit heavy though. I have the Gitzo 1540 Mountaineer with a Gitzo ballhead and the whole tripod with ballhead weighs 1.2 kilos!

15 07 2008

nice shot again kirk, POV like neal said is spot on, i was looking at that same tripod yesterday at camera house in leederville, very light. let me know how u go cause im looking at gettin one myself

15 07 2008

and i have heard great things from the SLIK 800 Ball Head, not sure on price but yer heard some great things

15 07 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

I meant to write mag fibre or carbon fibre. My Gitzo is carbon fibre, super strong, legs without head weigh about 800 grams.

15 07 2008

Top shot Kirk. Looking forward to the rest of them.

15 07 2008
merv french

Nice shot Kirk although i think I like the other one better. The little bit of flare at the top and the orange glare on the water in this one is a bit off putting for me. If you like a walk there are some top spots along this creek.

I have the Manfrotto Carbon fibre and it’s very good although I’m told the Gitzo is a better tripod but you’ll pay for it. Personally I don’t like ball heads, they are a pain, i have one on a monopod which is fine but on the tripod I prefer the 3way head much easier to level up and much easier to pan with.


15 07 2008

Nice shot Kirk, I like this one.
Although couple of small stitching errors in the waterfall.

I have a Manfrotto 055MF4 with a 322RC2 head. Works great with the 360 adjuste on top. Great for quick levelling.

Good luck with the tripod.

16 07 2008

Mate, if you can afford a gitzo, get one. They are awesome. I have had no problems with the screw clasps on the legs, though some people don’t like them.

For the ball head, make sure you have a level bubble and can rotate the base seperately from the head. If you can’t afford the gitzo, get a manfrotto. Oh and carbon fibre rocks!!!

I would suggest buying the tripod from b&h in america, you will pay almost half what you pay here. At least check out the prices.

Lovely shots by the way, I was going to head out there last saturday, but drank too much friday night. I might head out that way this saturday.

16 07 2008

This is my favourite of yours from this location. Great composition, colours, everything is spot on, mate.

16 07 2008

hey mate just got theManfrotto 055MF3 and a 488RC2 head from PRA, huge fan.

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