South Perth Decoy

22 07 2008

These shots were from the other weekend on a Sunday afternoon , after shooting both morning with Jamie and Neal . Decided to head somewhere close from home to get some shots at sunset . I was decideding between either South Perth Jetty and Old Swan Brewery . South Perth Jetty won .

The light was pretty good this afternoon and got a few different angles of shots off . These were the first two i have stitched together so far . The top images was a six image stitch and the bottom image was a 8 image stitch .






15 responses

22 07 2008

Hi Kirk,

Great work as usual. I love the purple tones in the bottom photo.

Jamie Paterson

22 07 2008

Thanks mate ,
Just stitched one together that is simular composition of the first shot but has the colors of the second one

22 07 2008
Dylan Fox

Nice work mate!
I have a nice shot from here that I am still yet to process! Might have to do it soon, yours have inspired me to get it done. haha

22 07 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

Brings back memories for sure! Feels like yesterday I sat in the same spot shooting a few photos. Not as nice as yours though.
The first one has a few problems with some of the buildings leaning either left or right. I also kind of feel the boat is in the way for my taste.
Second is lovely, nice colours and great stith. Although again, I gotta say I love that Perth skyline so I would like to zoom in on that 🙂

23 07 2008
Stephen Williams

Awesome shot of the decoy. i like the second one too, very nice tones

23 07 2008

Couple of very fine images there Kirk, the first one of Mends St Jetty a little more river below the Jetty line would of been nicer, but thats personnel taste.

24 07 2008

Thanks Dylan ,
Yeah i have a back log of photos i havent even stitch yet and I havent travelled any where recently i cant imagane how many you have

24 07 2008

Thanks Flemming yeah the Perth Skyline is pretty great

24 07 2008

Thanks Stephen and Neal .

27 07 2008

Both great shots Kirk. I’m sure you could sell a few of these.
I’m still in Bali and yet to get out and shoot unfortunately. Too much drinking not enough shooting. I’m bound to regret it.

28 07 2008

Thanks Luke ,Im sure youll get out one time over there 😉

4 08 2008

fantastic stuff Kirk !
I think I like the second image better as the composition and tonings are more favourable to my taste…I look forward to seeing more.

5 08 2008

thanks tony ,
see your back from your trip look foward to seeing your shots

22 08 2008

The bottom image quite breathtaking.
Great work all around.
p.s. Hope you guys don’t mind me poking around, I’m relatively new to WP and I’m liking you landscape folks.

27 08 2008

Thanks Louis ,
Your more then welocme to poke around

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