More Waterfalls

11 08 2008

Been really busy at work last week doing 12 hours days so havent been able to do much shooting or editing photos . I though i better post something as Dylan said my blog was going cold lol 🙂 .

This was a six image vertical stitch .

Other news Im off to Sydney in 2 weeks , really looking foward to it as I never been before and really want to get some shots of the Sydney Opera house and bridge and some of the stunning coast line along there .Hopeflly the weather is good for photographs while im over there and i come back with a heap of shots .





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11 08 2008
Stephen Williams

awseome shot Kirk.
love the composition with the falls in the center, works well for this.
like the foreground too.

11 08 2008

Looks good Kirk ! I think I like the vertical image better for some reason…

Happy travelling in Syd. when you get there.


11 08 2008

Nice composition Kirk, good to include some foreground.
How did the blue tinge in the water come about?

11 08 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

Waterfalls are not really my thing, but you did a good composition with background, middle and foreground.

11 08 2008

Hi Kirk,

This is a pretty cool pic. I love your POV on this shot.

Jamie Paterson

11 08 2008

Very nice Kirk.Looks a little saturated for me but great comp and pov.

11 08 2008

Thanks Stephen and tony

11 08 2008

Thanks Thomas , I think the blue tinge was how i had the white balance set .

11 08 2008

Thanks Flemming , jamie and mel .

11 08 2008

Nice shot as usual! But you will have to take me to this spot once I am back!

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