18 08 2008

 Went to Rottnest for the weekend, what an amazing place to photograph. Caught the ferry across after work on Friday, only wished I had caught the early ferry as there was a great sunset on Friday evening which I missed as it was dark as I got to Rottnest. Went there with a bunch of mates for the weekend, for a bit of a getaway. Still managed to get a few shots in while I was over there.

A bike is a must when you go over there, we all hired bikes on Saturday and went around the island. Scoped out some nice location for next time. I think a photo trip over there for a few days would be a go. There lots of locations to shot plus you would get fit from all the riding J . My legs where killing me on Sunday 🙂 from it all. I think about this time in the year is the best time to go to get shots while over there as you pretty much have the whole island to yourself and accommodation was fairly cheap plus the weather isn’t to bad .

This was a shot I took on Saturday evening at sunset. Was having a few drinks on the balcony with my friends when I started to see a bit of colour in the sky. (wasn’t expecting much as there wasn’t much clouds So I grabbed my gear and my bike and went down to the end of Longreach Bay not the easiest thing to do ride a bike with camera gear and a tripod after a couple of beers , but managed to make it in one piece. (I had scoped this location out several times before as my friend has a mooring right there and normally takes his boat over ever summer). I quickly set my tripod up and started taking a few shots before I missed the entire colour, but after a few shots I realised I had my app still set to F3 from taking photo of quokkas during the day . Will have to remember not to rush so much next time lol. I reset my camera settings and took a few more shots before the sun went down.

This was an 9 images stitch , it’s the first one I stitched together so far but I have got a lot more from that afternoon I’m still going through .

In other news I’m off to Sydney this Thursday, looking forward to getting some shots in while over there :). I’ll try and upload one more post before I go 🙂




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18 08 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

Been 10 years since I visited Rotto but I loved racing around the island on bicycle. Copenhagen is a bicycle city, everyone goes everywhere on bikes and I ususally ride at least 10-20 kms every day. A great blog about Copenhagen bicycle culture:

As for the pano, it’s a lovely Rottness scene but there are some stitch problems. I see 4-5 obvious blend problems in the sky, vertical lines where the single shots have been stitched. Was this shot at wide angle with the lens wide open? Vignetting could cause these problems.

19 08 2008
Clint Baker

nice shot mate…… rotto is amazing place…. i think i might have to get over there again.
and yes drinking before shooting is a bad idea haha

19 08 2008
Luke Austin

Beautiful shot Kirk. I can now see the couple of stitching problems that Flemming mentioned but before reading his post I did not notice them. I have been meaning to get over to Rotto to shoot for a while now, the place is so bloody close yet it seems so far.
Have a good one in Sydney.

19 08 2008
Dylan Fox

I haven’t been to rotto since January but have been itching to get back over!
I know where you took this from and it’s a great location! I noticed the stitch problems but trust Flemming to beat me to it! haha
The foreground is a little soft…. was this one at f3?

Did you walk to this spot from the Basin side? In between the Basin and here there is a great rock pool!

20 08 2008

Hi Kirk

I have been following your work for a while and was wondering if it would be possible for me to tag along to one of your next shoots. I’m a 26 year old male from Scarborough and I am also very passionate about Australian landscape photograpy. I would very much appreciate the chance to tag along with you. Please let me know by email at:



21 08 2008

Great pic

22 08 2008

Hey Kirk, nice shot. Good bit of “punched” orange on the horizon.

Whats happening under the boat on the horizon right down to the rocks. 🙂

27 08 2008

Thanks guys ,
Yeah noticed the lines after i posted edited it late at night . Yeah this one was shot on F4 i think so wont be printing this one but still liked the look on the screen .
Yoour welcome to come along to a shoot some time Ric , not to sure when shooting next but there will be something on the blog soon .

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