28 08 2008

This shot is my first stitched image from my trip to Sydney . Got up early this morning and walked down to the beach at 530 . Was suprised at how many people were allready up at this time on the beach . Normally in Perth the beach would be dead at this time . The morning was quite cold but managed to rug up enough . Took a few shots around the beach and at different rock pools , was suprised that people were actually swimming in the cold water before 6am .

Found this location and climbed out onto the rocks to get a few shots , got hit with a few splashes of water durring shotting , luckly none on the camera . This was a 6 image stitch .




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28 08 2008
Stephen Williams

amazing shot Kirk
love that water and especially the wave action to the left coming over the rocks. nice and dramatic feel really makes it look ferocious!

28 08 2008


This is easily the best work I’ve seen you produce yet. I absolutely love it!!!

Jamie Paterson

28 08 2008
Clint Baker

i agree with Jamie mate…. bloody great shot…..

28 08 2008

Brilliant Kirk absolutely stunning, its should be mine and then again it could be 😉 Your best work easily!

28 08 2008

Very nice Kirk,
You done a great job with this, Im trying for shots like this but struggling with the stitching of the water.

Well done.

28 08 2008

I don’t know what your doing but keep on doing it it’s working!!

28 08 2008

Top stuff Kirk… just goes to show what you can get on those cloudy days. Love the water flow and rock detail. As Neal said, your best work yet I think. Now all you Perth people can bugger off from my side of Australia. 😉

28 08 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

I agree with everyone else, the best I’ve seen of your work and a stunning shot!!! Tiny little stitch problem on the horizon on the left side, may wanna fix that and then print it biiiiig!!!

28 08 2008

wonderful shot Kirk – strong composition and the water looks amazing and blue !

well done ! ! !

29 08 2008
Luke Austin

Nice one Kirk. Love the water cascading over the rocks. Is that magenta cast in the sky from filters or did you intentionally apply it?

29 08 2008
Dylan Fox

Pretty average!!!!
Jokes. This is a fantastic shot, you got some great colours and the I love those rocks! Gotta love those rocks compared to ours.

29 08 2008

Two words, F*&kin sweet!!!

31 08 2008

Thanks Stephen and Jamie

31 08 2008

Thanks clint and Neal ,
Yeah wasnt sure how it would turn out especially stitching the water . but deffinatly a favourite now 🙂

31 08 2008

Thanks Thomas ,
Yeah wasnt sure how it would turn out stitched with the water but worked okay . I used a ND as well to get a bit longer exposure hoping to smooth out any stitch areas

31 08 2008

Thanks Mell

31 08 2008

Thanks Matt ,
Yeah now i know why most Aussies live on the east coast with beach like this to photograph 🙂

31 08 2008

Thanks Flemming ,
Thanks for the pick up as well , have fixed the master image .
Yeah was thinking this would look good at 60″ above my bed

31 08 2008

Thanks Luke ,
Yeah got a bit of color cast , bloody cokin filter lol .
Tried to get ride of most of it photoshop .
Guess it will have to do until i get my lee filters

31 08 2008

Thanks Dylan

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