Fields of Gold

31 08 2008


A seven image stitch of some Conola Fields cropped it down to a 3:1 ratio . Did a couple different edits with this one , but this edit had the most appeal to me .




9 responses

31 08 2008

Great contrasts in this shot Kirk. Only criticism would be that the trees are half B&W. I’m highly envious of the shots your coming up with by the way.

31 08 2008

good Thank you

31 08 2008

Great shot Kirk. I can see myself walking down that path.

1 09 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

Great pano, love it! Another one for the Field of Dreams collection! Definitely makes me want to walk that road.
I think I maybe find the stark black and white cloud a bit too dramatic against the colourful lower half. Would be interesting to see with just a touch of colour in the sky. Did you try a version with a duotoned sky, having all the highlights in a sepia tone.

1 09 2008
Stephen Williams

great shot Kirk.
i think sky is a lil too much as well for my liking.
but i do like the contrast you’ve got between the ground and sky at the same time. it really grabs your attention hey!!

1 09 2008

Yeah that sky is a bit to dark for me. Just need to go over and mask out some of the tops of those trees as well. I like Flemmings idea of a sepia highlighted sky.

2 09 2008

It’s definitely an eye catching image Kirk ! love the orange dirt track and yellows of the canola – though a bit too PP for myself…but we are all different when it comes to ‘art’.

keep ’em coming ! 🙂

6 09 2008

Amazing work kirk, I am a HUGE fan of our panoramas!

6 09 2008

Kirk I love it, but I think the black is a bit strong. I personally would like to see some blue come through in the sky.

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