The Creek

10 09 2008


Not to much new to post , just going through and sorting out my images on my External hard drive for backing up , taken me a while but now got them all sorted out . I also  found a couple of shots I had done but not uploaded . I think there were all 4 image vertical stitch , of a creek taken from a while ago .

Also giving Windows Live Writer a go for the first time , and have to say its a lot better and easier then using a Internet explore for blogging . Also no Crunching on the images 🙂 . If you haven’t got it I would advise to check out Matt’s Lauders Blog for the details on the software and give it a try.

We haven’t had a killer sunrise or sunset for a while so I would say we over due for one . Hopefully the weather and light will be good this weekend





18 responses

10 09 2008

Great shots Kirk.I think that the colour is heaps better with this program.Tried it out the other day but had no idea what to do with it.Didn’t know how to put stuff from there to my wordpress blog.Wann help and tell me how?Thanks:)

11 09 2008
Dylan Fox

Great shots mate!
I really like the second one!
I am on a mac so cant use that live writer 😦
Oh well
I just need to start mine rollin again!

11 09 2008
Clint Baker

great stuff kirk……. love the little whirl pool in the 2nd one really cool.

11 09 2008
Stephen Williams

fantastic shot’s Kirk.
really like the sky on the first, but the water puts me off a little.
seems to have an odd colouring to it, maybe lots of tanins in it? which show up more with a longer exposure.

the thirds very nice but the second is my favorite hands down! awesome in every way 🙂

11 09 2008

Wow Kirk, there shots are fabulous. I’m with the guys on this one, that second shot’s amazing!

11 09 2008

Great shots Kirk, the first is amazing. I will have to try out Windows Live Writer.

11 09 2008

I like the first composition the best Kirk – very nice !

I might have to give the Windows Live Writer a go at some stage – it sounds interesting.

11 09 2008

My vote kirk is the first one, really captures the different layers within the capture.

11 09 2008

Really nice job. Pleasure to view.

11 09 2008

Thanks Mell and Dylan ,
Yeah loved that wirl pool motion caught by the long exposure on the second shot as well .

11 09 2008

Thanks Clint and Stephen

11 09 2008

Thanks Jayne ,
Yeah i think i prefer the second one as well

11 09 2008

Thanks Luke , yeah makes it a lot easier to blog

11 09 2008

Thanks Tony and Neal

11 09 2008

Thanks Louis ,
Thanks for stopping by

13 09 2008
Steve Metzner

I really like the first picture. I have always been one that likes photo’s to be saturated. It would be a good photo even without the sky but the red sky really sets it off. I know I am not one of your Aussie friends but I check your’s and Matt’s blog nearly every day. I love good work.

15 09 2008

Thanks Steve ,
Yeah the sky was really nice that day , I loved the color of the sky with the pink and red .
Thanks as well stoping by , theres a few other blogers “Flemming” who arnt locals either who stop by regulary

16 09 2008

I love to see that you are shooting the other direction too! These are awesome vertical panos!

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