Castle Rock Bay II

15 09 2008


Well this weekend gone was a pretty dull weekend for new photos. Meet up with Jamie Saturday morning hoping to get some shots of Costello , but it was pretty bad conditions for photographing , the wind was blowing a gale and there were various showers about plus the beach was been pounded by the surf . So we diced to pack it in and try again for another time. Kept a close watch on the light and weather for the rest of the weekend but looked pretty grey and not much nice light by the looks. Hope you guys down south had better luck.

I’m still going through all my RAW images at the moment and having a relook at photos I may have gone over before. This one was again at Castle Rock Bay in Dunsbrough. Took this one the following day of Christian Fletchers course. Was an 8 image stitch.




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16 09 2008

This would be one of my favorites of yours Kirk. The colours of the water and tree line with the movement in the sky al look very nice.

16 09 2008

It’s a cracker of a shot I love it.I was standing in the same spot only 2 days ago.It is a great location except we had white caps in that bay can you believe it!

16 09 2008

i really like this shot as well mate!

16 09 2008

another ripper Kirk ! once again the water looks incredible !

17 09 2008

Thanks Neal ,
i really liked the way this one turned out as well

17 09 2008

Thanks Mell ,
Too bad about the white caps in the bay ,
Im keen to head back down there and retrye some shots

17 09 2008

thanks dylan and Tony

17 09 2008

I really like this shot Kirk. It’s a nice little spot, captured well.

18 09 2008
Sean Stak

Wow… yet another Perth photographer! These are great. you should do some more stuff up in the hills.

18 09 2008

Thanks Luke and Sean

23 09 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

That is super nice mate, got a bit of a Fletch look to it as well! Some white square box looking thingy just above the rocks, I would clone that out.

25 09 2008

Thanks Flemming ,
Yeah quite found of this shot now , tried a bit of different editing to my usall really liked how it turned out , though it had a bit of the Christian or Petereatway look .
Thanks for the pick up on the garbage can as well mate fixed the problem on the tiff

15 10 2008
Matt Reed

Great photo Kirk, I love the Eastway effect of the water and the de-saturated sky!

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