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25 09 2008


Well I haven’t been out shooting for a week now , as been run down with the flue, but still managed to make it to work each day  . Thought I better upload something in the mean time  , seen as every one else has been busy uploading photos recently.

This was an old shot from a couple of months ago when Neal and I went for a drive to scout out some locations . Went through a tank of fuel on the day but found some really good locations so it was worth it .

This was a 3 image vertical stitch , Got a version with an unedit sky as well but i like the contrast clash with the black sky on this one . still got a lot more of the conola and lupin field i still havent stitched together yet




5 responses

25 09 2008

Very nice Kirk, the sky is a little dark for me, but thats just personal taste. We’ll have to go back soon. But yes going through a tank of fuel makes it a little expensive trip

26 09 2008
Sean Stak

Wow mate your an incredible photographer. And with a 400d as well!
Your on my blogroll!

26 09 2008

Thanks Neal , yeah I get a mix response with the black sky people other love it or hate it ?
I like both version but leaning toward the black sky with this one .

26 09 2008

Thanks Sean ,
Yeah just got the 400d for now , hopefully by the end of the year will have the 5D Mark II 🙂
Iv add you to mine as well

27 09 2008

I love the shot. I think it would work better if you had a muted blue instead of black, have a look at some of Peter eastways skys to see what I mean.

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