Foggy Farm

29 09 2008


Went out scouting locations with Jamie and Neil this morning. After not having much luck with getting any good shots this week or the last couple due to bad light I was keen to get something I could work on .

After driving through thick fog for about an hour , the sun just starting to rise we found this nice field. We stop on the side of the road and got out set up to take a few shots , I quickly snapped one set of images for a panorama when next thing a prison warden pulls up in his car and advised us that we couldn’t take photos here as it was part of the prison land . So we had to pack up and head off.

Would have like to had a more time shoting there as I would like a slightly better composition plus and the sun and fog look really good just as we leaving . This was an 8 image stitch ..




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29 09 2008

Good to see you came away with something. I like this shot. It works. I also got out early but came away with nothing.

29 09 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

It is a shame you got kicked out of prison so early 🙂 The light is just drop dead gorgeous and you still ended up with a very nice pano!

(the link is missing from your thumbnail though, needs to link to

29 09 2008

Thanks Luke

29 09 2008

Thanks Flemming ,
Dont know why the link dropped out all fixed now but

30 09 2008

lucky prisoners to have that land, I guess or hope they don’t get to see it though. Nice refreshing shot Kirk.

30 09 2008

Nice pano!!

30 09 2008

Thanks Christian ,
Yeah I know not a bad back yard for some crooks lol better then my back yard

30 09 2008

Thanks Mel

30 09 2008

Hahaha aren’t we bad? I wasn’t game to post my photo. 😉 Don’t want to be arrested for taking a photo of some grass.

30 09 2008

Thanks Jamie ,
Yeah it National Security risk this photo 🙂

30 09 2008

Its silly isn’t? I was able to go to Google Earth and get stacks of high quality details about the ‘facility’. We were even about 2km down the road.

30 09 2008

nice shot. nice foggy

1 10 2008
Dylan Fox

Very nice image mate. Great light and the fog makes for a very nice simple image.
We should meet up for a shoot sometime soon mate

1 10 2008

Thanks Swary

1 10 2008

Thanks Dylan ,
Yeah did you see Jamies post he orginised a shot this saturday at freo for every body to catch up

7 10 2008
Stephen Williams

really great shot.
such a pleasant scene, very nicely captured.

13 10 2008
Sean Stak

It seems like all you bloggers go photographing together. Is there some sort of… Monthly Mob Shooting i’m missing out on?
Awesome shot.

14 10 2008
Matt Reed

great shot kirk, very peaceful!

15 05 2011


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