Sugar Loaf II

8 10 2008

Was board last night so went through some more images from Dunsborough? Found a Cliché shot of Sugar Loaf Rock and had a bit of play around with it. Would really like to get a shot with a person in this location for reference to size as well. As I think a lot of people who have never seen this rock before don’t know how big it is. This was a 9 image stitch.




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9 10 2008

a big fan, love the simpleness of the colours, need to raid your brain of your photoshop knowledge

9 10 2008

I like this one much better Kirk – stronger composition (though simpler), lovely light and that water !

9 10 2008

Geeez how many crackers did you pull out of that weekend!!

9 10 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

It may be a classic shot but you still did an excellent job! This is gorgeous and much better than the previous one you did of Sugar Loaf.

There appears to be a tiny stitch error on the horizon, on the right about 1/3 in ?

10 10 2008
Stephen Williams

i think i prefer this also Kirk.
once again, those blues!!! love them

12 10 2008

Thanks Bree

12 10 2008

Thanks Tony

12 10 2008

Thanks Mell , still got a lot more to go through from that weekend there is just so much to shoot down there

12 10 2008

Thanks Flemming and Stephen

13 10 2008

Very powerful & shot Kirk.
Lovely colours you have captured too.
Ive never been to WA, but as you said photographs don’t do it justice. You might be able you use a wave like in Neal’s ‘Terrigal’ shot for scale.

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