Matilda Bay Vertical

12 10 2008

After reading everyones post on the light here for the last month and a bit ,  wasn’t planning on taking any photos this weekend. But on Saturday morning woke up early and had a look outside there was some nice clouds in the sky so though we might be in for a nice sunrise seeing as they have been pretty dull lately. Hadn’t planned on heading anywhere but quickly decided to head somewhere close, I thought of Matilda Bay boat shed for a re shot. There was a fair bit of fog covering the swan river early that morning as I drove to the spot, but the sunrise was a disappointment again dull and flat with no colour. Did see a pod of dolphins swim past the boat shed but.
This was one of the shots I took, was playing around with long exposures a bit with the nice moving clouds. Was a 4 image vertical panorama.
Hope fully were in for killer sunrises and sunsets soon 🙂




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12 10 2008
Dylan Fox

Usually I dont like these blue colours but this is definetely an exception!
I think this is quite a nice shot mate!

I was at a mates on Friday night and saw some pretty nice colours and managed a hand held stitch of the clouds. Nothing to special though.

12 10 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

The littel boathouse that could! If only this boat shed knew how famous it was!
Nice effect with the blues in blues. I played with this in PS and since it’s basically all blue tones it’s really fun playing with the hue. You can do a version in whichever colour you like, playing with the hue changes the entire image! Try one with the boathouse in blue and the skye in orange/red!

12 10 2008
Clint Baker

Nice shot mate….. i think i might shoot that 2morow morning… never shot it before so it should be good…..

12 10 2008

Looks cool Kirk …. the total blue tones are very nice

13 10 2008
Sean Stak

I’m not sure what your complaining about, Kirk. Theres been some great light up here recently. Its actually good right now. I’m heading to JFNP.
Once again great shot.

13 10 2008
Stephen Williams

very nice Kirk.
people end up seeing so many shots of this boat shed that it takes something special just to get someone to look at the photo. otherwise people just think “oh that again”

i think this is one of my favorites of this shed. the tight crop works well and i absolutely love that sky

17 10 2008
Dylan Fox

Well this shot was enough to get me back to this spot!

17 10 2008

Nice shot Kirke

19 10 2008
Sean Stak


19 10 2008

well whatever ya did kirk, i think, it’s worked!

20 10 2008

Ah the most photographed spot in all of Perth. 🙂

P.S Nice shot

1 12 2008
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[…] in the end, nowhere as good as Kirk Hille’s amazing images, but I do hope to get close one […]

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