Milky Way

20 10 2008


Well every one else beat me to uploading there shots first o well . I guess they hadnet been working since 4am this morning and after the busy weekend shoting i need to catch up on some sleep 🙂 .

Heres one of my takes on the little night experiment photograph sesion Christian , Neal , Jamie had the other night at Contos . Was a great night watching the stars and having a few beverages plus rattling off a few shots in between . Was the first time I have tried any star trails but was quite impressed by my first go and the results of the 400d even at high ISO gave some half decent images . As Christian said when the 5D Mark II comes out i dont think an ISO of 800 will be considered high and would pull out some ripper night shots .

Still got a lot of shots from that night havent gone through yet let alone the weekend .




11 responses

20 10 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

Very cool, looks like you guys had heaps of fun! The star trails look very oversharpened though.

21 10 2008

kirk, your longer exposures made the stars look better. I had to fake mine with a motion blur. It is a little oversharpened as Flemming said

21 10 2008

Nice kirk, shame your one and only battery died. Selective sharpening may help Kirk ?

21 10 2008
Stephen Williams

nice shot Kirk
think you got more definition in the stars.
sounds like a fun night had by all.

21 10 2008

Hi Krik,

Buy two batteries!!!! Great shot.


21 10 2008
Sean Stak

I wish i was there. Nobody in my area knows anything about photography and its no fun if you cant talk technical to people. I know iv said this before but cant the next mob shoot be at John Forrest National Park?

Anyway enough of my depressed thoughts. This is great shot. Great lighting. The noise scares me but that could be from the sharpening.

21 10 2008
Dylan Fox

I really like this shot mate!
yeah a long enough exposure at ISO100 on the 400D can create some annoying noise!
Oooooo the mkII…. Just want one!

21 10 2008
Sean Stak

What? no it cant. Those kalbarri single frames on my blog were taken at ISO 100 and up to 30 min and theres hardly any noise!
Yeah i wan an MK11 as well. Once i earn some $ selling locally i might look a bit further into it.

22 10 2008

Thanks Flemming , Christian and Neal .
Yeah tried a high pass filter on the sky to try and get the stars to stand out a bit . Over did it a bit and was already a pretty noisy shot with the 400D at iso 800 for an 8 minute exposure

22 10 2008

Thanks Stephen – sure was a great night
Thanks Jamie – Yeah going to get a couple of extra batterys when I get the mark II 5D

22 10 2008

Thanks Dylan – Shot this at ISO 800 and with the 400D is very noisy beeing around an 8 minute exposure
Thanks Sean – This was shot at 800ISO anything over 100ISO with the 400d does get a lot of noise especially with long exposures of around 8 mins . Shooting at iso 100 for this same shot would have needed to be over a 30 min exposure and with that kinda long exposure even 100ISO will get noise

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