Injidup Beach

25 10 2008

Thought I better post one image so far of my trip down south to Dunsbrough . Been a bit pressed for time so havent had a chance to put any of my stitched images together yet . This was just a quick single image shot of Injidup Beach . This location would have to be one of my favourite Beach locations , I just love the texture of the rocks and formations down there and there are countless angles to shot from .

Should have some more free time over the next few days so hopefully should have a stitched shot up soon πŸ™‚




12 responses

25 10 2008

Awesome colour Kirk.
Good detail in the foreground.
The colour in the water and rock is a far contrast to that of the eastern coastline. I look forward to getting over there one day.

26 10 2008

Thanks Thomas , just a quick shot but loved this location still got my stitch shots to out together from here
Yeah it amazing the difference the color of the water is

26 10 2008

Wyadup/Injidup/Canal Rocks is a great little area to shoot. Can’t get enough of it. Great shot mate.Looking forward to the rest of your shots from down there.

26 10 2008
Dylan Fox

Great shot mate! Enough said! πŸ™‚

26 10 2008

I love the colours and textures in the water and rocks, and the sky is great too.

26 10 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

Is this the beach where Sugarloaf Rock is ? The rocks just looks familiar to me.

Looks gorgeous, look forward to seeing your panos from this place.

26 10 2008

Way to go Kirk, she’s a ripper.

Nope Flem this is further south down the caost not sure on distance in km’s but maybe 20-30mins drive

26 10 2008

nice strong composition Kirk ! love the colours also. πŸ™‚

27 10 2008
Stephen Williams

wicked shot Kirk!!
very nice composition.

once again those amazing colours. I love the water in this so much.
it nearly looks painted with the white water going around the rocks.
awesome work!

27 10 2008
Sean Stak

Awesome shot, best of the month i think.
But straighten that horizon!

27 10 2008

Luke – Thanks yeah love this type of rocky coast line . Cant wait to get back down there again
Dylan – Thanks just a quick single shot but loved the water flow in it
Martin – Thanks
Flemming – Thanks – as per Neal said its further down south but worth the drive
Neal – Thanks mate
Tony – Thanks
Stephen – Thanks mate yeah love the color of the water down south dont know why perth water color is so boring
Stakky – Thanks – the horizon looks pretty straigh to me mabye you might need to straighten your monitor πŸ™‚ ?

29 10 2008

Brilliant shot Kirk.. well done mate. Love everything about it.

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