Bunker Bay Sunrise

2 11 2008

Still got so many shot sitting on my hard drive I havent even had the chance to look at so I though would try and go through some this weekend . Not much luck at that only got through one Panorama of an 8 Image stitch of Bunker Bay at Sunrise .

Was a really nice sunrise with lots of whispy high clouds about given the sky a really nice color . Only wished I lived closer to Dunsbrough to be able to shot locations like this more often .




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2 11 2008

Very nice Kirk. I had the same look at bunker bay, I found the water surface came out a little on the white side. Will just have to re shoot I guess. Yes would be nice to live closer to some nice scenery to photograph.

2 11 2008

hi Kirk – another good shot though it doesn’t all quite come together for me in this one. I can’t wait to see more that are hiding on your HD though.

2 11 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

Another nice coastal scene Kirk, looks like a good sunrise! It’s always a lot of work getting back from a trip and developing all the shots isn’t it! Fun work though!

2 11 2008
Steve Metzner

I really like this one Kirk. The shutter speed works for me on the water. The warm color of the rocks and the color in the sky is great. This is one of my favorites of your work. Nice job.

3 11 2008
Clint Baker

very very nice shot mate…. love the sky great colours!!….. if only we knew someone with a place down there….. hahaha

3 11 2008
Michael Brown

I’m so envious of your dynamic range…..

3 11 2008

Nice shot mate! Some areas may be a little bright though. Gotta love the beaches down there!
Can shoot them day round!

3 11 2008
Stephen Williams

not sure if i’m as big a fan on the water in this one Kirk. i think i’m not liking so much misty area, i love those blues you manage to get in your shots from there! so maybe i’m just greedy 😛

3 11 2008

Neal – Thanks yeah the water was a bit white washed tried to get as much color out of it with out over doing it . I guess will have to reshoot it 🙂
tony – Thanks yeah got a stupid amount of unprocessed images on my Hard drives wish had more time off work to go through them 🙂
Flemming – Thanks
Steve – Thanks
Clint – Thanks mate Must if only we knew someone with a holiday house on the coast lol 🙂
Michael – thanks ,
Dylan – Thanks mate Yeah I know deffinatly the best coast line in WA to photograph
Stephen – Thanks mate yeah the water was a bit white washed plus it was low tide so there wasnt a lot of color in the close water .

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