4 11 2008


Well I havent really gone through many of my shots from Sydney yet lol 🙂 Had some free time the other night so I though I would have a look through them only got through the first stitched image but . Would have to say out of all Australias city skylines I would say Perth and Sydney would have to be the best to photograph . Durring my visit the light wasnt great but and had to make the best of what I had  , hopefully it will be better when I head back over in a few months 🙂

This was a 10 image stitch of the skyline in Sydney . Have to say this probally isnt the best compositions out of all the shots of the skyline i got but this set of shots probally had the best light .




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4 11 2008

Very nice Kirk, really like the soft orange yellow light around the bottom of the bridge and the slight pink shade in the sky. I was at this spot as well just recently but the light was shocking, thats why no one has seen the pics 🙂

I have to get back over to Sydney, August next year looks like the time I will be there for this time around 3 weeks.

4 11 2008

Thanks mate ,
The sky was actully pretty dull as well the only color was to the left had a bit of play around with the channels to get a bit more interesting sky 🙂
Yeah Im heading back over in Febuary hopefully get some nice light this time 🙂

4 11 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

I know that spot very well having been to Sydney 5 times now, it’s such a nice view of the Sydney skyline and away from all the chaos and the people in the cbd. The light you get in Sydney varies wildly from day to day. I did a sunrise shoot from this spot back in September, good spot in the morning too.

I would like a bit more space to the left in this pano, the Opera House is almost falling out of frame.

4 11 2008

Thanks Flemming , yeah as i was saying not the best composition would have loved some more to the left of the opera house but sort of ruched my self trying different angles as first time I had shot the sydney skyline . Next time Ill slow my self down a bit 🙂

4 11 2008
Clint Baker

mate this is a great shot, u couldn’t ask for much more…. well u could but this is good hahaha, how big was the image?? would look even better printed

4 11 2008

Thanks Clint ,
The original was i about 120cm wide . You could zoom into people on the other side of the river 🙂

5 11 2008
Dylan Fox

See I think this is a great image. Thats coming from some one who has never been into Sydney so I dont know the real potential of this spot, but none the less I think this is a great image!

5 11 2008

Nice shot Kirk… I’m with Flemming on the distance to the left of the Opera House. But I’m sure you know that and probably didn’t have the image to add it on. Sydney is an easy city to shoot. 10 shots from this spot.. wow !! What focal length did you use.

5 11 2008
Stephen Williams

nice shot Kirk.
you obviously take your own water for all your shots, because you have the same colour as your Yallingup shots!! 😛 i now know your secret haha. the treatment you’ve given it adds something different to this scene. nice work

5 11 2008

lovely crisp image Kirk ! I like the composition of the bridge leading into the CBD skyline but feel the opera house near the edge of the frame – whilst it adds some more interest is a little distracting for the eye.

I look forward to more of your work. 🙂

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