South West Coast Line

12 11 2008


Well just got back from Down South photography trip last Sunday . The light wasnt great this time down there (Dont know if Clint was down there as well ;))

Also got rained on a few times but Neal , Jamie and myself still made the most of it , shooting every morning and evening . All those early morning shore do take a toll on me deffinatly due for a sleep in next weekend . While we down there phographing Sugar Loaf we also ran into Luke .

This was one of the shots I got while down there , was a 9 image stitch , Can’t renember the name of this beach but just loved the coast line along here . It wasnt the best afternoon for photographing as we had to keep cleaning the filters from all the salt spray , plus the sky was fairly dark and moody and got pretty much no breaks in the clouds at sunset .




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12 11 2008
Dylan Fox

Nice shot mate!
Only thing I can say is the left may be a little dark on the land an in the sky…
I think I might try to get up for fridays sunrise….. if anyone is keen?

12 11 2008

thanks mate ,
yeah probally over did the vinetege a bit . Nar dont think I will make it friday morning working , Okay for some poeple who dont have work but 😉

12 11 2008

Very nice Kirk.
Those rocks have great character.

13 11 2008
Dylan Fox

I got work on friday, but not as early as yaself! hahaha

13 11 2008

Nice addition to the collection Kirk, I really like it.
It is quite refreshing, nice work with the lighting on the vegetation. The rocks work great.

Well Done.

13 11 2008

Hi Kirk,

The rocks and the colour in the water the most. Its a shame the skies were so boring when we were down there.

jamie Paterson

13 11 2008

nice Kirk, I would lighten the right side a little. Don’t even know where this is myself.

13 11 2008
Luke Austin

Nice one Kirk. Water looks great. I tend to agree about the dark right hand side. Maybe just a touch lighter.

13 11 2008

Neal – Thanks
Dylan – where you thinking of shoting ?
Thomas – thanks
Jamie – thanks yeah shame about the sky great location though wonder how the french backpacker and guys went the night camping there lol
Christian – thanks , yeah have lighten up the orginial was try the peter eastway sort of look over done it a bit but
Luke – thanks

13 11 2008

We could show you CF, but then we’d have to …….. well you know the rest 😉

14 11 2008
Sean Stak

im so bloody jealous of your editing skills. This is another awesome shot.

14 11 2008

Neal – lol just tell CF he needs a Pajareo to get there
Sean – thanks

14 11 2008

A Pajareo and a french blonde 😉

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