Cottesloe Sunrise

16 11 2008


Well over this weekend we have had some great sunsets compared to the last few months worth . So ended up heading down to Cottesloe Beach early this morning . Have been wanting to reshoot the Cottesloe for some time now but never got around to it , wanted the cliche shot of the Indian Tea house over looking the Cottesloe Beach .

Tried a few different angles for compositions from up on top of the rocks but still think the composition could be improved a bit . Was an 8 image stitch .




11 responses

16 11 2008
Clint Baker

mate great shot!!!,….. they even cleaned the sand up for you. hahaha

17 11 2008

This is probably the better of the shots Ive seen from this angle.
Nice and soft.

Well done.

17 11 2008
Kirk Hille

Clint – Thanks mate , yeah got them out there before i came to espically rake the beach for me lol 🙂
Thomas – thanks

17 11 2008
Stephen Williams

nice one Kirk. i do wish there was a lil room below the posts of the shelters, makes it fell crammed in a bit. but that is being picky.
lovely sunset!! and love that sand.

17 11 2008

Very nice soft image, but I dont think the composition is right…. I think you may not have been standing in the perfect spot on them rickity rocks! 😉
BTW, someone must be joking with me cause I have a comment on my blog from Peter Lik…..!

17 11 2008

Thanks mate yeah tricky to get the comp right with no 3:1 ratio eye piece 🙂 some times

17 11 2008

Love it Kirk, the classic cot shot ….

17 11 2008

beautiful smooth image and fabulous pastel colours Kirk ! though I think I’d prefer the composition to the right a touch more or without the breakwall anyway.
top stuff mate !

17 11 2008

Nice soft tones Kirk. The lines in the sand are interesting. Looks like the driver of the tractor did a donut in the middle there. Bogans.

17 11 2008

Neal – Thanks mate been trying to get the classic cott shot Im happy with for my portfollio for a while
Tony – Thanks , got a few other compositions so Ill see how they turn out
Luke – thanks mate , yeah bloddy bogans in there V8 Holden Tractors , cant take them any where lol 😉

17 11 2008

nice clean shot Kirk. Sharpening looks better.

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