Sunrise Sugar Loaf

20 11 2008


This is the first image of Sugar Loaf I have looked at from the last trip down South to Dunsbrough . This would have to be one of my favourite locations to photograph in Dunsbrough and would be a must stop place for me to shot , just waiting for them to finish the road work off (council workers are deffinatly taking there time ) but I think this spot is worth the walk . Was an 8 image panorama stitch .




4 responses

20 11 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

That’s a really good composition of this rock, I like how one can see the setting and how the rock is placed into context with the wide view of the ocean to the right.
I gotta admit I’m not keen on the colours. Bit too strong yellow gradient at the top and those greens in the water and in the foreground are too overdone and plasticy for me.
I think you have a winner if you redo the colours a bit.

21 11 2008
Dylan Fox

Looks like you stood right about where I got my Sugarloaf shot!
I agree with Flemming though. The colours arent quite right….

21 11 2008

Okay, don’t get angry at me for this, but what is the focus? The rock? So I would actully remove the landscape on the right, cut about a quarter off and see if you like that version.

23 11 2008
Cain Doherty

I do like the surreal colours – very citrusy – but agree with James on cropping out the right quarter. I also like being able to peer into the water like in the shadow of the central rock and find the sheen off the surface of the water a bit irritating.Maybe a polarising filter would eliminate the sheen?

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