South West

25 11 2008


This was a image taken at the oposite end to the previous image of the South West Coast line , durring the trip down there a few weekends ago . This location had lots of potential just a pitty about the conditions and light that weekend . Was a 8 image stitch




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26 11 2008

Nice mate,
Love the cyan water and the green weed on the rocks. certainly the rocks in the foreground make the shot.

One small stitch error on the horizon.


26 11 2008

Thanks Thomas ,
Yeah this was a great location loved them rocks only wished it was a bit better condition

26 11 2008
Clint Baker

great shot mate, i agree with tom… the rocks make the shot the look great

26 11 2008

Thanks mate ,
Deffinatly going to revisit this location next time im there

26 11 2008
Stephen Williams

very nice again Kirk.
may have been the best conditions but you sure managed something nice out of it!
you know what I think about your water colours…so i’m not even gona go there! 😛

26 11 2008

Thanks Stephen ,
Yeah love the color of the waer down there 🙂

26 11 2008
Tony Middleton

fantastic water motion,colour and strong composition Kirk ! though the top of the ‘range’/headland (top left half of frame)looks to be a little dark losing detail perhaps.

magic spot !

26 11 2008

Nice capture Kirk, really like the soft spray off the waves. Shame we got so much on our filters as well. YES we are going back 😉

26 11 2008

Thanks Tony – probally from the grad will fix up the tif thanks
Thanks Neal – yeah deffinatly want to head back here but not the way the french backpackers took 🙂

26 11 2008

Always pays to check road conditions with the locals. 🙂

26 11 2008

its called Honeycombes and that is a nice shot Kirk

26 11 2008
Kirk Hille

Jamie – Lucky for us we did or we could have been the ones stuck there for the night 🙂
Christian – Thanks , Now i can give this place a name lol

8 12 2008

Awesome shot mate…
Just wondering how you go with multiple exposures with so much water movement, such as this shot
I’m heading over this way for some photo work next month (maybe) and gettin a list of locations to visit

20 01 2009
dan proud

Awesome shot Kirk. Is it difficult stitching shots with water moevement??

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