Fremantle Martime Museum

26 11 2008


Yesterday I thought we would be in for a good sunset so decided to head some where for a shot . Its hard trying to find new places to photograph around Perth that arnt a few hours away . Been wanting to shot the Fremantle Martime Museum for a while from the other side of the warf at sunset so head down to Fremantle .

Got a few shots of between the ships leaving port , this was one of them an 8 image stitch taken at 50mm .




9 responses

27 11 2008

love it mate, the colours are perfect.

27 11 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

Good shot and great clouds mate but those orange and yellow hues in the clouds looks like either the red channel is blown out quite a bit or over saturated causing all detail to be blown out and that yellowy orange hue.

27 11 2008

very nice Kirk, wish I was not ripping out a bathroom and could of shot that with you. Maybe a tad too much black round the left hand side.

27 11 2008

Cool orange in those clouds, I like it!

27 11 2008
Steve Metzner

Kirk I really like this one. It has the feel of a painting. It’s possible that the saturation is a little heavy on the clouds but if you think about it when you view a sunset with the naked eye you get a hot spot also. It works for me.

28 11 2008
Dylan Fox

I agree with Flemming. Them clouds are out of gammut or something!
The Museum looks good though really attracts the eye but there is a bit of a halo happening!

28 11 2008

Nice simplicity mate,
I like the museum and crane area, very industrial.
Im just wondering whether a slight motion blur in the water may complete the image.


30 11 2008

Hi Kirk,

I think given the conditions with difficult light its a good photo. Where is all the good light?


1 12 2008

Clint must be in town Jamie.

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