Out There Feature

1 12 2008


Got my second feature in a magazine today , just got the new issue of Outthere magazine which is a inflight magazine which goes on all skywests aircraft .
Its only a two page feature this time but I can actually read the artical ) .
. The magazine comes out on all the aircraft tomorrow but the only way you can get an issue is to get a flight with skywest lol .




12 responses

1 12 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

Cool, congrats mate. I think I remember that magazine (not this issue of course) from flying Darwin to Kununurra.

1 12 2008
Clint Baker

Congrats mate… i dont know how ur getting good shots for mags with all this bad light hahaha :)…. well done mate

1 12 2008

Congrats Kirk. The time, effort and dedication you put in are starting to reap rewards. Every success to you.


2 12 2008

Flemming – thanks mate yeah would have probally been on that flight we used to do a few of them .
Clint – thanks mate , well have to keep paying you more money to keep you out of town so we get some good light lol
Neal – cheers mate

2 12 2008
Stephen Williams

nice work again Kirk!

2 12 2008

Thanks stephen

2 12 2008
Clint Baker

hahaha ill taking the money mate… did u see the sunrise today!! i think my curse is over, amazing mate!!

2 12 2008

Great work again mate, you might have to get an online shop up and running real soon.

2 12 2008

Clint – lol didnt see it this morning but this afternoon looked pretty good might be up for a shot this weekend if your keen Friday morning possibly as well ?
Thomas – Thanks mate yeah still working on the website hopefully soon

4 12 2008

Very nice Kirk. Congratulations. My eyes are sore from reading the article though.

8 12 2008
Sean Stak

Damn you and your success. Cant believe im saying this but when i grow i want to be “just like Kirk Hille” (said with a cute american voice). Good on ya!

9 12 2008

Luke – Thanks mate lol
Sean – lol thanks didnt know you where american as well stakky

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