Honey Comb

2 12 2008




Another shot from the last Dunsbrough trip a few weeks back now . Still got so many images sitting on my hard drives i havent even looked at yet , dont know how people find the time to go through all there shots . Was a 3 image vertical stitch , would love to reshoot this beach under better conditions .




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2 12 2008

Great shot Kirk. I love the green and golds in the rock.

2 12 2008
Clint Baker

good shot man…. love everything but the sky…. more bad light??? haha

2 12 2008
Stephen Williams

i have to agree with Clint about the sky sorry.
maybe needs less in this image??

I hope you can get there with some good light.
those rocks,sand and water are fantastic!!

2 12 2008

Great composition mate, love the foreground.
See how a multiply level goes on the sky, make it real moody.

Congrats on 20,000 hits.


2 12 2008

Jamie – Thanks
Clint – thanks mate yeah wasnt to happy with the sky , I think you must have been down there that weekend lol 🙂
Stephen – Thanks yeah will reedit tomorrow and see what it looks like
Thomas – thanks will post a reedit tomorrow did look a lot darker on my home computer but at work looks really light think i might need to get me screens recalibrated again

3 12 2008
Dylan Fox

I like it mate! Very intense foreground works very well! I mean that in the intense colour and water movement but a very simple composition which work very well together! Good stuff!

8 12 2008

Hey, mate…
You’ve been producing some rippers lately. And congrats on the two magazine articles!

I am rebuilding my blog at the moment, but had to change my domain name. The new one’s at http://beaumitchell.com if you want to change the link in your blogroll. Cheers

8 12 2008
Sean Stak

are these all taken with a 400d? if so that is even more bloody incredible.

9 12 2008

Dlyan – Thanks mate
Beau – thanks have updated the link now
Sean – Thanks Stakky yeah just using the 400d still will get the 5DMKII when the second shipment comes in next year

4 01 2009

Love the colours and water movement in the foreground. I’m heading down south this week so hope to get some time to take a few beach shots. Only problem is I still haven’t got a GND yet, so I’ll have to bracket and do some post production 😦

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