Honey Comb II

9 12 2008


Havent really been shooting latley with the festive season in us , things just seem to get that busy around this time of the year . Just went through some old shots here is another pano of Honey Comb Beach in WA . Was a 10 image stitch , came out at a 4:1 ratio instead of the 3:1 wasnt to sure to crop it or not . Hopefully will be able to get out and take some more shots soon .




10 responses

9 12 2008

Really quite cool Kirk … Love that water movement on the right. nice freakin timing!

9 12 2008

Nice Kirk,
As Neal said the water on the right is awesome.
I don’t mind the 4:1, but would keep the right hand side in if you cropped.
Few slight stitching errors in the sky in the middle of the pic.


9 12 2008

Neal – thanks mate bit of a fluke with that splash wasnt planned lol
Thomas – thanks mate will fix up the tiff when i get home

9 12 2008
Flemming Bo Jensen

Water splash looks great, as for the rest I could maybe wish for a subject to fix the eye on, as it is now my eye sort of wanders without a main subject to focus on.

10 12 2008
Stephen Williams

water…. 😛
pretty cool splash capture and very nice mossy rocks again.

like your new header too!

10 12 2008

nice Kirk, sky might be a little dark for my liking but the rest is pretty cool.

11 12 2008

Gotta agree with all the other commenters. That splash on the right side of the photo is a nice subject and if you were to crop, cut the left side of the photo off. Love the crisp details and saturated colours…

13 12 2008
Sean Stak

too good mate i hate you!

17 12 2008

Flemming – thanks mate yeah though the same about the shot but loved them rocks along the beach so though i would post it
Stephen thanks mate
Christian – thanks
Beau 0 Thanks
Sean – thanks stakky

19 12 2008

Stuff Honeycombs ( it is pretty good but..) …I want to see the full version of your new header , looks like the good’s to me.

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